Catholic Christmas vs. Francis Christmas


What Catholics Believe wishes all our supporters and viewers a blessed Christmas. On this episode of What Catholics Believe, Tom and Fr. Jenkins answer viewer emails as well as the following topics:  • How bad must the state of the world become until Catholics take action?  • Why did the Novus Ordo church change Sundays after Pentecost to Sunday after Ordinary Time?  • Are any Protestant sacraments valid?  • Francis asked Roberto Mancini, the manager of Italy’s national soccer team, not to make the sign of the cross during soccer matches.  • Francis’ Christmas message to the Roman Curia.  • A Christmas message from Fr. Jenkins about renewing our faith.

(This episode was filmed on 23 December 2019.)


Francis Asked Football Manager Not To Make Sign Of The Cross (Video)

Francis’ Christmas Greetings to the Roman Curia