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Francis' Impending Ban of the TLM?

     Traditional Catholics are well aware of Francis’ relentless efforts to eradicate the traditional Catholic Mass. He has followed up his “Traditionis custodes” edict with subsequent demands that his bishops squelch the traditional Mass throughout the world. Despite the reluctance of some new order bishops to outright ban the…

“Show us the Father, and it is enough for us.” [Gospel of Saint John, chapter 14, verse 8]

     What could be more characteristically Catholic than to begin prayer with the words “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost”? When the disciples asked Our Lord to teach them how to pray, Jesus responded: “Thus therefore shall you

A note concerning Francis’ March 25 consecration of humanity, Ukraine and Russia to the Immaculate Heart

     The words of Francis ask forgiveness for greed, nationalism, stockpiling weapons, opposing immigration, ravaging the earth, indifference to others—his favorite social gospel themes. Nowhere does he speak of the need for conversion to the one true faith and one true Church of the One True Son of the

Charting the Course to Heaven or Hell—Setting your Children’s Priorities

     Parents must play the leading role in setting their children’s priorities in their day-to-day lives. By their words and example, by the decisions they make and by the directions they give, parents convey to their children a sense of what is most important in life, and what is

Francis: For the Church, THE Problem Today is the “Restorationists”

     Last May 19, Francis met in the Vatican with the European editors of Jesuit publications. They interviewed him for his thoughts about current events. One recurrent theme in Francis’ remarks singled out what he termed “the” problem facing his church today—not “a problem” but “the problem”—which he

Exalting the Humble, Humbling the Exalted

     Every June 29 the Church celebrates the great feast day of Sts. Peter and Paul, the Apostles who conquered for Christ the imperial city of Rome. St. Peter arrived in Rome about the year 42, after having served as Bishop of Antioch for seven years. He ruled as

Letter to Local Police

The following is the text of a letter which Catholic Men for Christ the King of the Vexilla Regis Association sent out to all the police departments in the State of Ohio, asking them to stand fast against the developing tyranny now threatening our own nation and the entire world.

What is the Sacred Paenitentiary?

     The Catholic Church’s traditional Congregation of the Sacred Paenitentiary deals with matters regarding the punishment for sin demanded by Divine Justice—punishment both eternal and temporal—and the deliverance and rescue of souls from the punishment due to their sins. Thus, the Congregation applies the Mercy of God in a

“…and be ye thankful.” (Colossians 3:15)

     “A truly thankful heart can never be overwhelmed by adversity nor crushed by sadness; a thankless heart can never be content, never truly happy.”

Give thanks to God and make every day one of thanksgiving. Follow the example of Our Lord Jesus Christ Who always gave thanks to…

The Presents of Man vs. the Presence of God

     As we begin this Advent Season, we must recall the Church’s purpose in having us relive 4,000 years in the space of four weeks. From the original sin of our first parents—and God’s promise of a Redeemer born of “the Woman”—there was a long period of waiting, watching

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