Fr. Jenkins' Writings

Francis’ Church proclaims Human Dignity to be “Unconditionally Infinite”

Francis has committed himself to creating a synodal church with evolving dogmas. Thus, Francis has approved the worship of pagan idols in the basilicas of Rome, the blessing of unnatural and immoral “unions” that cry to heaven for vengeance, and is now promoting a heresy about the “unconditionally ontologically infinite…

Dom Guéranger’s Early Embrace of the Immaculate Conception

[Originally published in the Immaculate Conception Church bulletin on December 10th 2023.]

Dom Prosper Guéranger (1805-1875) is a towering figure of the Catholic revival in 19th Century France. He was instrumental in the re-establishment of the Benedictine Order in France (suppressed by the French Revolution) and the renewal of love

Vale, viride!—Salve, purpura!

[Originally published in the Immaculate Conception Church bulletin on December 3rd 2023.]

After the 26 Sundays of Pentecost this year, we set aside the green vestments and don the violet vestments for the liturgical season of Advent. Since both Advent and Lent call for violet vestments, one might well

Thoughts on the Rosary

The Rosary truly is Mary’s prayer. The Gospel tells us that the Blessed Mother kept and “pondered in her heart” the events of Our Lord’s life — which is exactly what we do when we pray the Rosary properly. And the recitation of the Angelic Salutation, the “Hail Mary” which