What Catholics Believe was created by the priests of the Society of Saint Pius V in the year 1989. Their goal was to “pierce the darkness” of the modern world with the voice of true traditional Catholicism. What Catholics Believe began broadcasting on local TV stations, and the program was shown on BET for many months before eventually coming to an end after being priced out of the market.

Throughout its initial years, What Catholics Believe was hosted by Julius Smetona, a member of Father William Jenkins’ Cleveland area parish. Many high-profile guests appeared on the program alongside Father Jenkins and other priests of the Society, including Pat Buchanan, Paul A. Fisher, Fr. John O'Connor, O.P., and more.

With the advent of the internet and YouTube, a new medium for airing the program was found. Father Jenkins produced intermittent programs on YouTube for a number of years, and in 2015 began again to produce programs on a more regular basis. What Catholics Believe is currently recorded weekly with hopes of continuing to spread awareness and appreciation of the traditional Catholic Faith.


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