Prayer Requests

We would be happy to pray for any intentions you would like to share.

† Please pray for the deceased
Richard Sauerbutt, Infant Rachel Gabrielle Marie, Kevin Hayden, Sharon Thompson, Bill Deardorff, Vicki Walser, Sarah Fisher, Patricia Bendel, Patricia O'Halloran, Lisa Mullen, Amelia Lamplugh, James Auer, William Jones, Ron English, Mary Licht, Michael Percher, Anthony Amico, Jack McManus, Theresa Campbell, Agnes Selway, Cheryl Houston, Mary Butler, Stephen Anderson, Patricia Koloc, Ron Eber, Vera Seiler, Patricia Tutie, Michael Bogner, Bishop Clarence Kelly, Father Louis Campbell, Father Juan Carlos Iscara, Rosanna Fiore, Arthur Papa Sr, Elizabeth Pfeiffer, Margaret Chiti, Theresa Lamb, Gerard DeSalvo, James Evans Senior, Robert Byrne, Richard Rentschler, Jean Bischel, Lester Pugh, Michael Cantelmi, Andrea Lego & many others.

† Please pray for others
Tammy Crawford, Josie Lopez, Melissa Gilliam & family, Marian Shawhan, Cheryl Johnson, Nancy Boylson, Monica Condit, Donald Gray Puryear, Mrs. Billard, Jerry Murphy, Nick Byrne, Marlene Wohleber, Jared R., Rose Marie Muhl's mother, Paola Mazzuca, Mike Recupero, Steve Breslin, Linda Jacko, Angelo DiPippo, Gregory Mancill, Andrew Ventura, William Jones, Olivia Bruner, Terry Wildt, Cliff Hogan, Gianna Crano, Dr Michael Zanone, Father Leo Carley, Father Thomas Zapp, Roch Fredette, Nick & Mary Gaynor, Zachariah Ridenour, Diane Johnson, Jonathan Sapp, Sam Lamantia, Father Terence Finnegan, Christian Rudmann, Charles Rose, Paul Hauer, Benedict Brueggemann, Priscilla Szijarto, Paul Riley & family, Janell Unfried, Jaime Suárez, Mons. Val Handwerker, Sal Montesano, Frances Addinnizo, Maria Bischel, Joshua Speer, Eva Muhl, Father Starbuck, Bernie Kunkel, Gladys Stewart-Nies, MJ Theriot, Lena Schappacher, Joseph Berry, Phyllis Rivenbark, Diane Ventura, Janet Guest, Allen Strouse, Maria Acuña, Nicole Rose and many other special intentions.

† Please join those who are daily praying both the Our Father and the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel nine times daily as a perpetual novena for our country.

† Continue to pray for law enforcement officers who stand on the front 
line to resist agents of anarchy and chaos. Pray also for all our medical personnel, and all who work to uphold respect for God’s law in America.

† Pray for the J-6 captives languishing in federal prisons.

Thank you and God bless you!