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Captain Francis of the Starship Modernize

     [Originally posted in the Immaculate Conception Church bulletin on September 14th, 2014]

"The Gospel is something new, we should not be afraid of changes in the Church" - from a recent homily of Francis

Thus appeared the headline of the September 5, 2014 edition of the Italian publication 

The Modernist in a Position of Power

     One of the hallmarks of the Modernist, as explained by Pope Pius X, is his apparent ambivalence. Saint Pius points out that the Modernist might appear to hesitate at times, speaking tentatively, as though his mind is not settled but is still searching for the truth. The fact

“Making a Mess” of the Church

     [Originally posted in the Immaculate Conception Church bulletin on September 29th, 2013]

As Pope Saint Pius X warned in 1907, the Modernists intend to “reform” the Catholic Church by bringing her teachings into line with modern man’s current idea of God. They insist that the Church will die

Dangers in the Pervirtual World

     Lewis Carroll’s story of Alice in Wonderland is played out today in the lives of your children as they fall into the rabbit hole of a virtual world. Instead of meeting Mad Hatters and Cheshire Cats and Queens of Hearts, however, in the digital world of the internet

The Secret Lives of Orphans in Cyber Space

     Imagine discovering that your children had secret contacts and secret conversations in which they and their friends freely indulged in blasphemy, cursing and obscenities. Imagine discovering they were regularly receiving reports from friends (or friends of friends) about their drinking bouts and sometimes sordid romantic dramas and their

Union With Rome - Part II

     The Catholic Church holds that Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture together are the two "fonts" of Divine Revelation. The papacy itself is actually part of Catholic Tradition, and cannot exist apart from Catholic Tradition or even be understood apart of Catholic Tradition. Thus, in Catholic terms, the papacy

Union With Rome - Part I

     In his "Intervention" [Video here] of 1969, Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani made a prediction about the imposition of the New Mass: "It is evident that the Novus Ordo has no intention of presenting the Faith as taught by the Council of Trent, to which, nonetheless,

The Foundation of Catholic Belief
     Belief in the Most Blessed Trinity of Persons in God is the fundamental belief of Christianity. We have the certitude of Divine Faith that God is indeed the Father Who has from all eternity engendered a Son Who is His perfect image -- His Divine Word. We know
G. K. Chesterton on "Modern" Religion

     "The Catholic Church is the only thing which saves a man from the degrading slavery of being a child of his age. " (G. K. Chesterton, "The Catholic Church and Conversion," Chapter 5: The Exception Proves the Rule)

 In his incisive and compelling work, "The Catholic Church

A Church without Scandals...?

     An argument used against the Catholic Church is this: "We know that the Catholic Church cannot be the church founded by Jesus Christ because of all the scandals in her history." The Pharisees used a similar argument against Christ Himself when they criticized and rejected Him because He

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