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Thank You!

     Thanks to all who helped with Saturday's Rosary Procession in reparation to God for the national atrocity, disgrace and abomination of abortion. So many gave of themselves in so many ways — all is much appreciated. Of course, the most important element of the procession is the prayer itself:

The Three Epiphanies

     While the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord (Christmas) is the most beloved of days for Catholics, the feast day is ranked only as fourth in the order of solemnity in the Church’s liturgical year celebrations. The greatest feast day is that of Easter Sunday on which

Blessed Be the Holy Name of Jesus

     Throughout the centuries, many Catholic parents have named their sons Jesus. The Old Testament names of Joshua and Jesse are simply variations of the name Jesus, meaning Savior. When parents give their sons this name, they do so out of devotion to Our Lord. But there

In the Mass We Reprise the very Life of Jesus Christ, Our Lord

     Our Faith tells us that the Mass is the unbloody Sacrifice of the Cross, that is, the very same Sacrifice of His Own life which Our Redeemer offered for us on Calvary. That sacrificial death of Christ is shown forth by the two-fold consecration of the Body and

Novena for Christmas

     A novena is a nine days’ prayer said as a preparation for some particular feast, or in order to obtain some special favor. The model and the first of all novenas was that made in the Cenacle, after the Ascension of Our Lord, by the Apostles and


     Gaudete Sunday in the midst of the Advent Season — like Laetare Sunday in the middle of the Lenten Season — commands us to rejoice. Both times of the year are somber and reflective. The altars and the priests are vested in the violet color of “vigilance and

Please Pray!

     Please pray for all those who still believe and love the Catholic Faith but who are deceived by the New Order [novus ordo] imposed by the Modernists during and after the Second Vatican Council. Many conservative followers of the New Order are shocked and horrified by

Memento Mori!

     During the month of November, the Catholic Church reminds us of the inescapable reality of death to this world — the deaths of others who have already passed away, and our own inevitable deaths at some moment in the future. This reminder by the Church is not at

Subversive “Sanctuary”

     [Originally published in the Immaculate Conception Church bulletin on February 5th, 2017]

On Wednesday, February 1, led by the diktat of its mayor, John Cranley, the city council of Cincinnati voted 6-2 to declare Cincinnati as a “Sanctuary city.” Cincinnati police chief Eliot Isaac says: “We will not

What is Love?

     During the 1968 award-winning musical Oliver!, the young lad playing the part of Oliver Twist sings with an air of wistfulness and sadness “Where is the love?” It is a classic question of human history and every human life as our fallen human nature struggles with the

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