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An Hour at the Altar of Repose

     At the Mass of Holy Thursday, the priest consecrates two large hosts. One of the consecrated Hosts he receives as Holy Communion during the Mass, after which he places the second Host in a chalice which he then covers with a pall and silk veil. Immediately after the

The "Living Rosary" - Our Lady of Perpetual Help Sodality

Dear Friends of Our Lady,

Regardless of your perspective on the current upheaval, there is no doubt about the magnitude of the crisis we face at this time.

As we reflect on historical examples, e.g. Lepanto, LaVendee, and Malta, it has always been the Catholic Church and its faithful who

Father Jenkins' COVID-19 Letter to Parishioners

Dear Faithful,

In these most difficult times, we are facing two great concerns: the first is the spread of a highly contagious and, for some, lethal disease; the second is the curtailment of our liberties as a free people.

After the Mass at Immaculate Conception Church last Sunday, the State

St. Corona—Patron Saint against Plagues and Epidemics

     Link: https://sspx.ca/en/news-events/news/there-saint-corona-and-she-patron-saint-against-plague-and-epidemics-56032

In Anzù, Northern Italy, the hotbed of the coronavirus in Europe, is a basilica where the relics of Saint Victor and Saint Corona are being preserved since the 9th century.

Saint Corona was only fifteen when she professed her Christian Faith during the persecution of

The Coronavirus: Saint Corona, Virgin and Martyr, Pray for Us!

     Reliable medical reports tell us that the coronavirus is a highly contagious and, for some, potentially lethal pathogen. Many of those who already carry the virus suffer no symptoms or only very mild symptoms, and the large majority of those who have tested positive for the virus and

Final Document of the Amazonian Synod

     From the very beginning of his apostolic exhortation about the Amazon Synod, Querida Amazonia (February 2, 2020), Francis makes it clear that the agenda for the future church is to be found in the Synod’s final document: “I will not go into all of the issues treated at

Lent — the Opportunity of a Lifetime

     Behold the astounding humility of the Son of God! He willingly submits to undergoing trial and temptation in order to set the example for us. "For I have given you an example, that as I have done to you, so you do also." (John 13:15) In fact, Satan

The Lenten Season: A Time to Walk More Closely with Christ

     Lent is the most beautiful time of the Church year. It carries us along to the celebration of the greatest mysteries of life: the ultimate victory over death and the stupendous triumph of the Resurrection. It is no less than the consummation of God's life on earth. The

The Amazon Synod expressed in Francis' Dreams?

     The Beloved Amazon Region: Thus begins Francis' "Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Querida Amazonia” addressed to the People of God and to All Persons of Good Will. The synod's final document which had been approved by the bishops at that synod called for the ordination of married men

St. Francis de Sales: "On Cordiality"

     [Regarding God's command that we love or neighbor] The bearing with imperfections of our neighbor is one of the principal points of this love: Our Lord, Who had a heart so gentle towards us and loved us so dearly, showed this to us on the Cross; to us,

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