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2021 Letter from Our Lady of Perpetual Help Sodality

Dear Friends of Our Lady,

December 31, 2020, marked both the end of a tumultuous year and the end of commitments to the Living Rosary decades organized by Our Lady of Perpetual Help Sodality. This crusade began on the Feast of St. Benedict, March 21, 2020, and continued through the end of June. When our country’s turmoil persisted, many persevered with their decades through December. In light of the diabolical tyranny and anarchy still facing us, we have had numerous requests to reorganize our decades and continue this rosary crusade. Satan and his legions are working relentlessly to destroy the Church and our country, so we too must be relentless in our prayers. Please consider enlisting in this Living Rosary through the end of 2021 for these intentions:

● To make reparation for sin
● To beg Our Lady’s intercession and protection
● To plead for the conversion of sinners

Many are praying and sacrificing as never before. This simple pledge to pray an extra decade per day is so powerful as it unites us in prayer and enables us to present multiple complete rosaries to Our Blessed Lady. As St. Louis de Montfort notes, united rosaries have the strength of an army. Modern-day reports attest to this power against communism and dictatorships in 1955 Austria, 1960’s Brazil, and 1986 Philippines. What better way to crush the head of Satan! To enroll for 2021, please confirm your decade by sending an email to olphlivingrosary@gmail.com or visiting the Sodality website https://ladyperpetualhelp.weebly.com. You may elect to continue with your same decade, ask for a specific mystery, or be assigned a new one.

Pope Pius IX stated, “If I had an army to say the Rosary, I could conquer the world.” Let us be that army and implore Our Blessed Mother to conquer all the evils we face.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Sodality
Immaculate Conception Church
Cincinnati, OH