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"Funeral" at St Patrick's • Mysteries of the Rosary • Mental disorders • “Spiritual, not religious?”

Prayer for USA. WCB online course offerings. Sacrilegious "funeral" at St Patrick's Cathedral requires exorcism? Francis says traditional Latin Mass impedes his plans. Rosary: why different mysteries on different days? Mental disorders on the rise? How to assist and advise those suffering from depression, panic, etc. Prudence is paramount…

Islamic protests in America • Pachamama at WEF • Neopaganism & Marxism • St John Bosco & St Martina

Hamas: Islamic protests in America. Francis: Catholics and Muslims know same God? Pachamama shaman ceremony at World Economic Forum. The neo-pagan connection between Francis' Vatican and WEF. Opposition to blessing irregular couples manifests "reflections of a schismatic nature" Neopaganism is Marxist religion. Saint John Bosco's vision: Church finds safety…

Father Skierka joins the program • “Dogmatic sedevecantism” • Is Francis the worst of heretics?

Father Martin Skierka joins us to answer email questions about Francis: Is "dogmatic sedevacantism" most logical? Pseudo-vacantism? What are degrees of sedevacantism? Is Francis the worst of heretics? What's a Catholic to do?

This episode was livestreamed on 6/27/2023

Catholic Christmas vs. Francis Christmas


What Catholics Believe wishes all our supporters and viewers a blessed Christmas. On this episode of What Catholics Believe, Tom and Fr. Jenkins answer viewer emails as well as the following topics:  • How bad must the state of the world become until Catholics take action? 

Preparing children for the Antichrist & the Power of the Rosary

On this episode of What Catholics Believe, Tom and Fr. Jenkins discuss:  • The inviting by the SSPX of Fr. Sean Kilcawley to speak at the Angelus Press Conference on “The Dangers Lurking Online: Pornography Addiction and how it destroys Hearts, Minds, and Souls”.  • Francis’

Francis, Lost in the Amazon

This episode of What Catholics Believe cover a lot of ground—including:  • A preview of upcoming shows on the Instrumentum laboris of Francis’ Amazon Synod.  • The most recent controversy between Michael Voris’ Church Militant and the SSPX.  • The paradoxical obedience of the priests of

Satanic Spiderman, Essential Oils, Foul Music

This episode of What Catholics Believe covers the following subjects and questions:  • The comic book industry and its shift to the occult.  • What to think of Essential Oils and healing oils?  • What to make of Ayurveda teas?  • Exorcism and the Prayer to

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