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Tenebrae & Holy Week • What is "holiness"? • Is everyone called to sanctity? • Is Christ King?

Tenebrae - The Office of "Darknesses".  The spirit of Holy Week expressed in its ancient ceremonies. The 1955 modernists' revised rites of Holy Week. When did Satan realize Christ defeated Him? What is "holiness"? Is everyone called to sanctity? Sanctity in married life? Controversy erupts among "conservatives" - Is…

Homeopathy, suffering & illness • God's Chosen People • “Una cum” Masses • Annulments • Fr. Fenton

We will be taking a week off for Christmas, so please enjoy this bonus episode of What Catholics Believe! We wish you all a most blessed Christmas season.

Viewers' strong response about homeopathy. Does nature hold cure for all illness? Should we simply accept our suffering lot? The dangers…

Red Mass • Burning heretics & cremation • Annulments • Catholic alcoholics • Christian rock?

Custom of "the Red Mass." The Holy Ghost, burning heretics, and cremation. Religious sisters making Mass responses? Marriage annulments, receiving the sacraments and "psychic anomaly." Adults lacking use of reason? Origin of Gehenna? Help for Catholic alcoholics? "Christian" rock, rap, metal? Praying for the souls of the dead.


Catholic Christmas vs. Francis Christmas


What Catholics Believe wishes all our supporters and viewers a blessed Christmas. On this episode of What Catholics Believe, Tom and Fr. Jenkins answer viewer emails as well as the following topics:  • How bad must the state of the world become until Catholics take action? 

Child Sacrifice for Pachamama & PachObama; Dating Rules

On this episode of What Catholics Believe ,Tom and Fr. Jenkins discuss:  • The closing of the Amazon Synod.  • Fr. Davide Pagliarani’s internal letter to the Society's members about the Amazon Synod.  • Catholic courtship.


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Fr. Davide Pagliarani‘s letter to SSPX

Preparing children for the Antichrist & the Power of the Rosary

On this episode of What Catholics Believe, Tom and Fr. Jenkins discuss:  • The inviting by the SSPX of Fr. Sean Kilcawley to speak at the Angelus Press Conference on “The Dangers Lurking Online: Pornography Addiction and how it destroys Hearts, Minds, and Souls”.  • Francis’

Planned Parenthood, Feeneyism, Islamic Terrorism

This episode of What Catholics Believe answers of multitude of questions:  • A follow-up question about a previous show, Vaccines--Good or Bad?, concerning abortion and vaccines.  • Why do you have the introduction to the show when it can be a turn-off to people in the

Email: Birth Control, Higher Criticism, the Crucifix and more

Father Jenkins and Tom Naegele respond to more viewer email and feedback on earlier shows, discussing birth control, biblical "higher criticism", the crucifix and the so-called "resurrexifix" of Novus Ordo parishes, and more. This program was recorded 28 February 2017.

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