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"Funeral" at St Patrick's • Mysteries of the Rosary • Mental disorders • “Spiritual, not religious?”

Prayer for USA. WCB online course offerings. Sacrilegious "funeral" at St Patrick's Cathedral requires exorcism? Francis says traditional Latin Mass impedes his plans. Rosary: why different mysteries on different days? Mental disorders on the rise? How to assist and advise those suffering from depression, panic, etc. Prudence is paramount…

Lent resolutions • Disciples or Apostles? • Questions about Hell • Patenting "intellectual property"

Recusant Catholics? Do Lenten resolutions involve sin? Partying during Lent? Disciples or Apostles? St Mark 13, 32: Does Christ not know the time of His Second Coming? Common cause with Lutherans? How can Satan be in Hell and in the Garden of Eden? How could Christ descend into Hell…

Guardian Angels • The Vatican obelisk • Abp. Thuc & Bp. Mendez • Dreading Lent? • Fasting rules

Can we pray to others' Guardian Angels? Are Bernini's "Square" and its obelisk in front of Saint Peter's Basilica the work of Freemasonry? History of the obelisk. Is it OK for a Catholic to do business with or for a Freemason? How can we rightly assess the mental acuity…

Islamic protests in America • Pachamama at WEF • Neopaganism & Marxism • St John Bosco & St Martina

Hamas: Islamic protests in America. Francis: Catholics and Muslims know same God? Pachamama shaman ceremony at World Economic Forum. The neo-pagan connection between Francis' Vatican and WEF. Opposition to blessing irregular couples manifests "reflections of a schismatic nature" Neopaganism is Marxist religion. Saint John Bosco's vision: Church finds safety…

Indulgences • Social Media • Novenas • Liturgical Calendar • Transgenderism • Our Lady of Lourdes

Gaining indulgences, completing novenas, praying Little Office of Our Blessed Lady. Responsibility for posting indecent pictures on social media? Asking SSPX for conditional baptism? Liturgical calendar: Traditional vs Modernist. Is transgenderism demonic? Shutting down Our Lady of Lourdes. Does Church lose visibility without Francis? Our faith in the Fatherhood…

Sedevacantism Debate with SSPV Clergy and Indult Traditionalists (1990s)

Video taken from Novus Ordo Watch on YouTube

This is an old video of a lively debate about issues pertaining to Sedevacantism, with a heavy emphasis on the 1983 Code of Canon Law and its controversial Canon 844 regarding the administration of the sacraments to non-Catholics outside the danger…

Hell - Is it empty? • Francis vs. Jesus Christ & the Catholic Church • “Beware of false prophets"

Hell - Is it empty? Francis vs. Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. Christ said: “Beware of false prophets … in the clothing of sheep.”  What the Church teaches. Francis praises agenda of WEF. Trent commands: Teach the faithful about the reality of Hell for the good of their…

Reasons to refuse Holy Communion? • "Fewness of the saved"? • The Sacred Heart • The Last Gospel

Learn more about the Cincinnati Pro-Life Rosary Procession: https://cincinnatiprolife.org/

Receiving Holy Communion at SSPV chapels. Reasons to refuse Holy Communion. Baptism of desire? God forgives: absolution and perfect contrition. Discouragement over "fewness of the saved"? How hard is it to save your soul? The Sacred Heart and your heart.

Why is the Epiphany a greater feast than Christmas? • The Holy Family • The "nuclear" family?

Answers to questions: Epiphany - Why is it even greater than Christmas? Is the Holy Family a real family and how is it relevant to my family? Why do the enemies of God hate the "nuclear" family? How is the Holy Family the model for the Communion of Saints?

"Fiducia Supplicans" blesses "irregular couples" in sinful "unions." Why the controversy?

Firestorm erupts in Francis' Synodal Church: "Fiducia Supplicans" calls for blessings of "irregular couples" in sinful "unions." Why the controversy?

This episode was recorded on 1/7/2024.

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