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Canon Law & infallibility • Early Christians & the Mass? • Receiving doubtfully valid sacraments

Canon Law as secondary object of infallibility. Is there evidence of early Christians attending Mass as we know it? Is it ever permitted to  administer/receive doubtfully valid sacraments? From non-traditional priest? From schismatics? Asking non-Catholics to pray for you? America and the four sins that cry to Heaven for

Constantine & the Roman Catholic Church • Mendez 1990 ordinations • Fr Ripperger & Taylor Marshall

Summer retreats and camps. Rome website. Indulgences, penances require praying aloud? Benefits of almsgiving. Prayers of a soul in mortal sin? Did Constantine begin the Roman Catholic Church? Fr Sanborn, Bishop Mendez and the 1990 ordinations. Fr Ripperger, Taylor Marshall and papal power to change Mass. Pray for SSPX…

Rome reflections • “Infinite Dignity” • Should Catholics vote for Trump? • Love for the truth

Rome reflections: from catacombs to basilicas. United Nations and the Vatican agree on "the Infinite Dignity" of all human persons. Modernists want to bury the Catholic Church as Pharisees wanted to bury Christ. Trump blasts pro-life Arizona: can a Catholic vote for him? Israel vs Iran: setting stage for…

Rome pilgrimage • Solar Eclipse • Easter: the greatest feast • Losing zeal for the Faith?

Watch for Rome pilgrimage updates. April 8th Solar Eclipse, Annunciation, Red Heifer? Why is Easter the greatest feast? How to place oneself "in the Presence of God." Losing zeal for the Faith? Illegal, but valid, pope? Recusants: letter of the law or spirit of the law? Resident Biden's "Transgender…

Tenebrae & Holy Week • What is "holiness"? • Is everyone called to sanctity? • Is Christ King?

Tenebrae - The Office of "Darknesses".  The spirit of Holy Week expressed in its ancient ceremonies. The 1955 modernists' revised rites of Holy Week. When did Satan realize Christ defeated Him? What is "holiness"? Is everyone called to sanctity? Sanctity in married life? Controversy erupts among "conservatives" - Is…

The End of America?

Attorney Thomas Condit joins us for a special edition of What Catholics Believe.

This episode was recorded on 3/21/2024

March is dedicated to St. Joseph • Devotion to the Sorrowful Mother

March is dedicated to St. Joseph, "Protector of the Universal Church": where is St. Joseph's protection against the modernists? The blessed death of St. Joseph: "role model" for every Catholic man. Devotion to the Sorrowful Mother. Christ's respect and compassion for His Blessed Mother demands our respect and compassion…

IVF • "Artificial embryos" • St. Joseph's name in the Canon? • The "restored" rites of Holy Week

Caution: some topics may not be appropriate for children.

IVF-conceived embryos are human beings: Alabama State Supreme Court - a truly Catholic decision! Trump decries the ruling, Republicans move to negate it. Do "artificial embryos" have souls? Resisting an abortion? Irish vote firmly to protect family and motherhood in

Demonic possession & obsession • Prayer to St Michael • Vatican II a non-binding "pastoral council"?

Can the devil take possession of souls in the state of grace? What is demonic oppression?  Temptation is Satan's most lethal attack. Can a lay person exorcise a demon? Versions of prayer to St Michael the Archangel? Heroic Act for the Poor Souls? Vatican II as a non-binding "pastoral…

Spiritual hardships? • Why do bad things happen to good people? • Catholic healthcare • St. Gabriel

Are spiritual hardships punishments or blessings from God? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do bad people prosper while the good suffer? What to do when a co-worker challenges your faith and you don't know how to respond? Calling Protestant ministers "pastor"? A Catholic health care…

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