What Catholics Believe

What Catholics Believe

Nashville school shooting kills six. Did devils know identity of Christ? First Christians believed Christ truly in Blessed Sacrament. Are schismat...

This episode was livestreamed on 28 March 2023.

Antipopes, Cardinals and confusion. Francis: "Una cum" - one faith with heresy? Is it heresy to pray for Elizabeth II? Never underestimate the power of God!...

This episode was livestreamed on 14 March 2023.

Catholics: What makes a man? The Knight: the virile man! Marry one you respect; respect the one you married. Masculine and feminine: God's plan for partners, not rivals.

This episode was livestreamed on 31 January 2023.

Post-Roe March for Life: Resurgence or Going Woke? After Roe, abortion fight shifts to states. Pro-Life is all about souls. The Big Lie vs the Great Truth

This episode was livestreamed on 24 January 2023. 

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