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Dorothy Day, the John Birch Society and marriage

Father Jenkins answers questions about Dorothy Day and her socialism, membership in the John Birch Society and some points about marriage. This program was recorded 19 April 2017.

Msgr. Lefebvre's orders and more on Dorothy Day

Among the topics discussed are Archbishop Lefebvre's being consecrated a bishop by Cardinal Lienart and the allegation that Lienart was a Freemason and a more detailed look at Dorothy Day. This program was recorded 27 April 2017.

Poverty is a Choice

After publishing an entry into his personal blog, Tom Naegele received a large amount of negative feed back from readers. He and Father discuss its content. This program was recorded 3 May 2017.

Modern Popes and doubt, "new traditions"

Father Jenkins takes viewer questions from Tom Naegele about the modern popes and having doubts about their legitimacy, the post-Conciliar mania for new everything (i.e., new mass, new sacraments, new canon law, etc) and more. This program was recorded 10 May 2017.

Is Francis evil? Traditionalists, rash judgment and Fatima

Father Jenkins and Tom Naegele discuss viewer questions about the intentions of Francis, whether Traditional Catholics are being rash to judge Francis and the modern church, Fatima and more. This program was recorded 3 May 2017.

Searching for the Truth

Tom Naegele and Father Jenkins discuss several emails from viewers that have a similar theme, the writers have all taken various paths looking for the true faith, sometimes in various Catholic groups and sometimes outside the Church. Father offers advice for people looking for the true Catholic faith amongst…

A Tribute to Motherhood

Father Jenkins takes a few minutes to give a brief talk about mothers and their role in the family. This program was recorded 18 May 2017.

Papal Infallibility: Popes past and present

In what was meant to be a look at viewer emails, Father Jenkins and Tom Naegele spent the hour discussing the papacy, infallibility, the conduct of various Popes before Vatican II and the ones since. Father looks at the practical policies of Pius IX, Leo XIII and later Popes…

Missals and Dialog Masses

Tom Naegele asks Father Jenkins questions from viewers about the 1962 missal with the John XXIII changes, dialog Masses from the 1950's, men and women singing in choir together and more. This program was recorded 7 June 2017.

“Mad Sedes” and Judaizers

Father Jenkins and Tom Naegele talk about some Facebook comments made by SSPX supporters, spreading false information about the SSPV priests and chapels. They then discuss the resurgent phenomenon of people believing we must first convert to Judaism before we can become Catholic and be baptized. This program was…

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