The Antichrist, Anxiety Meds & Benevacantism

More emails on this episode of What Catholics Believe.  Tom and Fr. Jenkins discuss and answer the following:  • How do you reconcile 2 Corinthians 5:21 with Fr. Jenkins stating that Martin Luther’s  statement ‘on the cross Jesus became sin’ is blasphemous/heretical?  • Is Cardinal Manning’s interpretation of St. Paul’s word in 2 Thessalonians correct?   • The catechism states God is a spirit but He is also the 2nd person, Jesus, who has a physical body, in the Trinity. How is this possible?  • Is it sinful to take anti-anxiety medication?  • What is the celebrity culture of today and is it harmful?  • What to make of Ann Barnhardt’s videos?


(This episode was filmed on 18 June 2019.)