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Creation of the Bible • Did Jesus have a human soul? • The Assumption of Mary • Sanctifying Grace

Parental rights nullified. The brutal logic of abortion and pedophilia. Ohio hangs in the balance. The Crusade of 54-day Rosary Novenas. Why did Church combine books into Bible? Did Jesus have a human soul? How was Assumption in the Rosary before it was dogma? How does Sanctifying Grace make…

The Antichrist, Anxiety Meds & Benevacantism

More emails on this episode of What Catholics Believe.  Tom and Fr. Jenkins discuss and answer the following:  • How do you reconcile 2 Corinthians 5:21 with Fr. Jenkins stating that Martin Luther’s  statement ‘on the cross Jesus became sin’ is blasphemous/heretical?  • Is Cardinal

Saints for OUR times: The 40 Martyrs of Sebaste, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Ignatius Loyola

On this Lenten episode of What Catholics Believe, Tom and Fr. Jenkins discuss the following spiritual edifying topics:  • The Forty Holy Martyrs of Sebaste  • St. Ignatius Loyola and the Society of Jesus (Jesuits)    St. Thomas Aquinas  • Words of advice for

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