Death by Drone. Resisting Modernism. Francis—Soros.

On this episode of What Catholics Believe, Tom and Fr. Jenkins cover a multitude of topics: • The Francis hand slapping incident.  • The recent bombings in the Middle East and Trump’s drone strike in Iran.  • Would one want to return to the Novus Ordo?   • Is a Protestant who converts to the Novus Ordo now a Catholic?  • A response to Fr. Jenkins about the What Catholics Believe show, ‘Traditional Catholics and the Indult Mass’.  • Peter Kwasniewski’s newest article on Vatican I being the problem.  • The dangers of the impeachment process leading to a civil war due to the mainstream medias.

 (This episode was filmed on 04 January 2020.)



What Catholcis Believe - Traditional Catholics and the Indult Mass

How Francis may be vindicating the ‘inopportunists’ of the First Vatican Council by Peter Kwasniewski