Open Letter to SSPX, La Salette and Rome

A return to the email inbox on this episode of What Catholics Believe:    If Fr. Jenkins were to write on Open Letter to the SSPX what would he say?  • What to make of Our Lady of La Salette and Rome becoming the seat of the anti-christ?  • Why do traditional Catholic priests wear Roman chasubles and not Gothic chasubles?  • Any thoughts on Catholic architecture? What is an ideal church?  • What to make of videos games? Violent video games?  • What is the Catholic teaching in regards to donated body parts and organs?  • A response to a follow up tweet concerning previously discussed topics of sedenegantism, sedevacantists, and sedeservantists.  • An explanation of the What Catholics Believe episode titled, “The "Pope"-pourri of Francis' Memory”



(This episode was filmed on 11 June 2019.)