SSPX speaks, cites others; will It take a stand?

This episode of What Catholics Believe is a continuation of the discussion between Tom and Fr. Jenkins about the upcoming Amazon Synod and the SSPX’s lack of reaction. Since the last show, the Society has come out with a flurry of articles on the Amazon Synod restating what others in the Novus Ordo have said but not taking a strong stance on the matter themselves. Why is this? A few of the possibilities are:  • a deal with modernist Rome, • ecumenism,  and/or • infiltration.  Afterwards, a return to answering viewers question about the topic.  • How much longer will it be okay to attend the SSPX if a deal has been made and the Society continues down this path?  • Could the SSPX’s role possibly be as a lifeboat for the Faith instead of as a battleship?  In conclusion St. Bernard, St. Francis, St. Louis, and St. Pius X are mentioned and how they would deal with the times we are presently in.

(This episode was filmed on 21 August 2019.)