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Christmas Appeal • Tradition's "bloody death" • Viganò to open seminary? • More viewer questions

Immaculate Conception Christmas Appeal:

Prayer intentions and Christmas Appeal. Intrusive "Information panels" on WCB site. FBI still targeting Trad Catholics. NO bishop Wilton Gregory: Tradition's "bloody death." What is "neo-paganism" of Francis? Viganò to open seminary? I Cor 1: "Destroy wisdom"? Grandpa explains. Is The Rapture real? Need…

Easter Duty • Is SSPV alone correct? • Holy Ghost chooses popes? • Modernism & Freemasonry

Easter Duty not possible? Is SSPV alone correct? Satan's fix for Satan's work. Does Holy Ghost choose popes? Modernism's link to Freemasonry. Battle for Ohio! War in Ukraine.

This episode was livestreamed on 8/1/2023

Confused Catholics: CMRI & SSPX • Confession from Invalid priests • Vernacular Masses • Gloves at ordinations

Confused Catholics: Hold Fast to Catholic Tradition! CMRI and SSPX: traditional or compromised? SSPV: Are non-sedevacantists allowed? Invalid priests cannot absolve: Is there forgiveness? Vernacular Mass in 1940's? Should gloves come off at ordinations?

This episode was livestreamed on 7/18/2023

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