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"Funeral" at St Patrick's • Mysteries of the Rosary • Mental disorders • “Spiritual, not religious?”

Prayer for USA. WCB online course offerings. Sacrilegious "funeral" at St Patrick's Cathedral requires exorcism? Francis says traditional Latin Mass impedes his plans. Rosary: why different mysteries on different days? Mental disorders on the rise? How to assist and advise those suffering from depression, panic, etc. Prudence is paramount…

Teachers plot to gender-transition children • "Pride” month • Devotion to the Sacred Heart

Modern FEDucation: Teachers and administrators plot against parents to gender-transition children. Pride rears its ugly head. Divine Mercy vs Sacred Heart? The real transition: from mortal sin to State of Grace. Importance of devotion to the Sacred Heart

45th Anniversary website for Father Jenkins:

This episode was livestreamed

June, the month of the Sacred Heart • The mania of militant homosexuality • Corpus Christi

In June, Catholics honor the meek and humble Sacred Heart of Jesus - not lustful human pride. How to respond, not merely react, to lustful perversion. The mania of militant homosexuality. Public reparation to the Heart of Jesus, charity and compassion for souls in bondage of sin. The power…

The Holy Ghost convicts the world of marketing perversion to children. Are these end times?

Pentecost: The Holy Ghost convicts the world of marketing perversion to children. Resisting their bullying tactics. Our response: making reparation, imploring mercy. Are these end times? Holzhauser's answer.

Pentecost Sunday sermon mentioned

This episode was streamed live on 5/29/23

U.S. Supreme Court enacts gender perversion chaos

(This program was recorded 15 June 2020.)

College: reply to objections; apologies to adulterers; Vatican bank scandals

On this episode of What Catholics Believe, Tom and Fr. Jenkins cover the folowing topics: • follow up on last week’s discussion about higher education • Bishop Renato Marangoni’s apology to unrepentant adulterers • Francis’ trip to Bangkok where he urged people to respect prostitutes • the partnership

Francis betrays St. Peter


This episode of What Catholics Believe has Tom and Fr. Jenkins discuss and address:  • Francis’ latest antics, specifically giving relics of St. Peter to the Eastern Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople.  • Is it immoral for a Catholic to invest in stock and mutual funds? 

Bishop Schneider and Heretical Francis

This episode of What Catholics Believe  • Revisits the subject of of Francis’ ring kissing fiasco, and  • Discusses the recent article, ‘On the question of a heretical pope’, by Bishop Athanasius Schneider and the danger in sharing Schneider’s beliefs leads one to being an accessory

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