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Are Heaven & Hell "places"? • Confessing venial sins • Francis calls for new global financial order

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Removing tattoos? Did Mary herself receive gifts of Holy Ghost at Pentecost? Are all venial sins forgiven in confession? Why the word "penance"? Are Heaven and Hell "places"? How do spirits come to earth from Heaven and Hell? The anguish of…

Constantine & the Roman Catholic Church • Mendez 1990 ordinations • Fr Ripperger & Taylor Marshall

Summer retreats and camps. Rome website. Indulgences, penances require praying aloud? Benefits of almsgiving. Prayers of a soul in mortal sin? Did Constantine begin the Roman Catholic Church? Fr Sanborn, Bishop Mendez and the 1990 ordinations. Fr Ripperger, Taylor Marshall and papal power to change Mass. Pray for SSPX…

Confused Catholics: CMRI & SSPX • Confession from Invalid priests • Vernacular Masses • Gloves at ordinations

Confused Catholics: Hold Fast to Catholic Tradition! CMRI and SSPX: traditional or compromised? SSPV: Are non-sedevacantists allowed? Invalid priests cannot absolve: Is there forgiveness? Vernacular Mass in 1940's? Should gloves come off at ordinations?

This episode was livestreamed on 7/18/2023

Catholic Lent: the most beautiful time of the year

On this episode of What Catholics Believe, Tom and Fr. Jenkins discuss:  • Thoughts for Lent  • Ash Wednesday  • The significance of fasting. • Spiritual reading for Lent  • A question about Light and Peace: Instructions for Devout Souls to Dispel Their Doubts

Rosary Points to Ponder: Praying the Presentation

On this episode of What Catholics Believe, Fr. Joseph Greenwell joins Tom and Fr. Jenkins to discuss the Fourth Joyful Mystery of The Rosary — The Presentation of the Christ Child in the Temple.


(This episode was filmed on 10 December 2019.)

Anti-popes, Catholic Rehab, Original Sin, Pro-Abort Pols

On this episode of What Catholics Believe a myriad of subjects and questions are discussed and answered including:  • How does an individual begin to live a Catholic life after being away from the Faith for a long time?  • What is the basis for the Doctrine

Yoga, Usury, Penance and Patience


This episode of What Catholics Believe covers the following questions:  • When a priest gives penance, does it fully satisfy God’s justice for those sins which were confessed?  • Did Pius XII make a mistake in forming the IOR (The Institute for the Works of Religion)?  • What

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