John XXIII traditional Catholic? Cubans against Communism! Novus Ordo valid? Paul VI lost papacy?

In this video, Father Jenkins and Thomas Naegele discuss a recent viewer comment stating that the Novus Ordo must be valid because of "forensically documented Eucharistic miracles"; the claim that John XXIII was a good and traditional Catholic pope who convoked the Second Vatican Council with good intentions; the possibility of Paul VI losing the papacy at the moment he promulgated the documents of Vatican II; whether questioning the legitimacy of Vatican II calls into question the legitimacy of other councils of the Church; the terror in Canada and how traditional Catholics can practically respond to it in a Catholic manner; the situation with the anti-Communist protests in Cuba; and finally the recent pledge from the current administration to send federal agents to "knock on doors".

This video was livestreamed on 7/13/2021

May God bless our viewers!