What Catholics Believe

Saint of the Day

June 7 — St. Robert of Newminster, Abbot

     In 1132 Robert was a monk at Whitby, England, when news arrived that thirteen religious had been violently expelled from the Abbey of St. Mary, in York, for having proposed to restore the strict Benedictine rule. He at once set out to join them, and found them on

Mass of the Day

June 7 - Ferial Day

Introit: Psalms xii. 6

    O Lord, I have hoped in Thy mercy: my heart hath rejoiced in Thy salvation; I will sing unto the Lord, who giveth me good things. Ps. How long, O Lord, wilt Thou forget me unto the end? How long dost Thou turn away Thy

Holy Mass Livestream

Holy Mass 6/7/23 - Ferial Day

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