Saint of the Day

April 25 — St. Mark, Evangelist — The Greater Litanies

     St. Mark was converted to the Faith by the Prince of the Apostles, whom he afterwards accompanied to Rome, acting there as his

Mass of the Day

April 25 - St. Mark, Evangelist - The Greater Litanies

Introit: Psalms lxiii. 3

    Thou hast protected me, O God, from the assembly of the malignant, alleluia: from the multitude of the workers of

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Follow along on our Rome Pilgrimage on our new Rome website! Visit for maps, pictures and videos of the trip.

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Summer retreats and camps. Rome website. Indulgences, penances require praying aloud? Benefits of alms giving. Prayers of a soul in mortal sin? Did Constantine begin the Roman Catholic Church? Fr Sanborn, Bishop Mendez and the 1990 ordinations. Fr Ripperger, Taylor Marshall and papal power to change Mass. Pray for…

Rome reflections • “Infinite Dignity” • Should Catholics vote for Trump? • Love for the truth

Rome reflections: from catacombs to basilicas. United Nations and the Vatican agree on "the Infinite Dignity" of all human persons. Modernists want to bury the Catholic Church as Pharisees wanted to bury Christ. Trump blasts pro-life Arizona: can a Catholic vote for him? Israel vs Iran: setting stage for…

Dominica in Albis — "The Lord's Day in White Garments"

     In the early days of the Church, moments after the baptismal water is poured, the newly baptized person received a white linen robe, as the priest prayed: "Receive this white garment, which mayest thou bear without stain before the judgment seat of Our Lord Jesus Christ, that thou

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