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The Death of Alfie Evans

Father Jenkins discusses events regarding Alfie Evans since the last show, including some details that are still in dispute. In relation to this sad event, the event of Terri Schiavo is recalled and how certain Thuc line clergy supported her murder. Also, the situation of the Thuc clergy and…

More on Thuc and the Chinese Catholics

Father Jenkins responds to something said by the author of an open letter to Bishop Kelly about the Thuc consecrations. The author misrepresents what Father said in discussing with the viewer about the Thuc situation. Father Jenkins clarifies the problem raised by our viewer. Finally, the problem of Francis…

Catholics and Final Arrangements

Tom and Father Jenkins begin with a question about what Catholics should consider when planning for their passing, wills, power of attorney, providing for dependents, etc. Other topics include more on the Thuc bishops and necessity, can we call protestants Christians and comments Vladimir Putin has made about Christianity…

Fr. Jenkins is a Heretic?!

Father answers questions that have come in since the last show about the Thuc bishops, including an email accusing Archbishop Lefebvre of himself consecrating non-Catholics and calling Fr. Jenkins a heretic. Is Father Jenkins a heretic? Father also makes suggestions for starting a personal Catholic library, discusses protestant prayers…

Charity and the Thuc Bishops

In this show, entirely devoted to the controversy of the Thuc consecrations, Father Jenkins answers questions sent in by viewers in response to our last program on this topic. Viewers ask Father if, out of charity towards Thuc adherents, especially Father Cekada, he shouldn’t concede some of the points…

The Thuc Consecrations

Tom Naegele and Father Jenkins discuss at length the episcopal consecrations performed by the late Archbishop Pierre Martin Ngo Din Thuc. Father recounts investigations he and other priests have made into the circumstances surrounding the consecrations and whether traditional Catholics should avail themselves of clergy who derive orders from…

Questions VI

James Birch and Father Jenkins take questions from viewers. Topics discussed include how the Novus Ordo revolution was implemented, whether priests need to be sedevacantists to offer valid sacraments, whether traditional Catholics can elect their own Pope, Archbishop Thuc, how to be traditional Catholics in light of the crisis…

Thuc Consecrations, etc.

Father William Jenkins discusses the Thuc clergy, sedevacantism and other matters. This video is apparently part two of a larger series of talks.


How can I find a Traditional Latin Mass center in my area?

Check our Mass locations page for a Traditional Latin Mass center near you. Please also consider seeking out Traditional Latin Mass centers by asking members of your community and sending us any possible options for approval. If there

Martyrdom or Suicide? Resisting Evil! Dimonds in the Rough

In this episode of What Catholics Believe, Fr. Jenkins answers follow-up emails concerning previous shows including:  • How does one go about becoming a Catholic if one was raised in the Novus Ordo (specifically the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation)?  • Aren‘t martyrs such as the

Francis Funds the Migrants

On this episode of What Catholics Believe, Tom and Fr. Jenkins talk about recent news and answer emails: • An announcement about What Catholics Believe episodes are now being available on podcast. A link can be found on the What Catholics Believe website in the upper right hand corner

CMRI, Jewish end-time conversions, braving depression

On this episode of What Catholics Believe, Tom and Fr. Jenkins answers viewers question:  • What is the sacramental policy of the SSPV/CSPV?  • What does the Church teach concerning Romans 11:26?  • Handling depression and despair.  • Praying and meditating on the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

Francis’ UN “World Feast of Fraternity”; Marxist religion: neopaganism?

On this episode of What Catholics Believe, Tom and Fr. Jenkins discuss: Fr. Michael Johnson’s Remnant Newspaper article, Carthago delenda est! (So, what about Vatican II?). • Can one reject the Novus Ordo church based off of its fruits? • Is is a great deal to ask lay people

March for Life, Catholic feminism, Bp. Mendez

On this episode of What Catholics Believe, Tom and Fr. Jenkins discuss and answer emails:  • The recent March for Life in Washington, D.C. focusing on the need for more prayer and modest dress.  • Bishop Mendez  • Why the modernists suppressed many saints in

Holy Mass1/22/22
Confused Catholics: CMRI & SSPX • Confession from Invalid priests • Vernacular Masses • Gloves at ordinations

Confused Catholics: Hold Fast to Catholic Tradition! CMRI and SSPX: traditional or compromised? SSPV: Are non-sedevacantists allowed? Invalid priests cannot absolve: Is there forgiveness? Vernacular Mass in 1940's? Should gloves come off at ordinations?

This episode was livestreamed on 7/18/2023

The Liturgical Year by Dom Prosper Guéranger
The Liturgical Year by Dom Prosper Guéranger

This monumental liturgical work, comprising fifteen volumes, was the life-long labor of Benedictine Abbot Dom Guéranger.

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A Brief Catechism For Adults by Rev. Fr. William J. Cogan
A Brief Catechism For Adults by Rev. Fr. William J. Cogan

A Brief Catechism for Adults is a little masterpiece designed for instructing converts. But it also serves as a useful handbook for lifelong Catholics who want to understand their faith more deeply.

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