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Inflation devours families' food • Our Lady of Fatima • Francis offends, then promotes homosexuals

Rising cost of living: food prices exploding for families. Famine in Sacred Scripture, in history and in prophesy. Marrying in today's troubled world? Humbly accepting hardship while praying "deliver us from evil" and taking prudent precautions. God's grace to save us from materialism and complacency. Our Lady of Fatima…

Tenebrae & Holy Week • What is "holiness"? • Is everyone called to sanctity? • Is Christ King?

Tenebrae - The Office of "Darknesses".  The spirit of Holy Week expressed in its ancient ceremonies. The 1955 modernists' revised rites of Holy Week. When did Satan realize Christ defeated Him? What is "holiness"? Is everyone called to sanctity? Sanctity in married life? Controversy erupts among "conservatives" - Is…

Blessing same-gender unions • Living in harmony with nature • Modernism & Postmodernism • Homeopathy

Francis OK's blessing same-gender unions? Living in harmony with nature: Catholic or Neo-Pagan? Synod holds personal faith experiences as divine revelation? From Modernism to Postmodernism: glorifying disorder. Traditional Catholicism: conviction, not mere reaction. Homeopathy: exciting "vital energies"?

This episode was livestreamed on 12/19/2023

The on-going Revolution • Eric Sammons reacts to Viganò • The Single State

The on-going Revolution: Francis says Synod continues Vatican II's church of constant change. Eric Sammons reacting, but not responding, to Archbishop Viganò. Great Western Schism: A doubtful pope is no pope. The special calling to the single life: a true God-given vocation.

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Child Sacrifice for Pachamama & PachObama; Dating Rules

On this episode of What Catholics Believe ,Tom and Fr. Jenkins discuss:  • The closing of the Amazon Synod.  • Fr. Davide Pagliarani’s internal letter to the Society's members about the Amazon Synod.  • Catholic courtship.


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Fr. Davide Pagliarani‘s letter to SSPX

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