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Answering Viewer Questions • Advent • Poor Souls • Alcoholism • Altar Stones • Charity

Is Advent a penitential season? Why Nativity on December 25th? Is State of Grace necessary to help Poor Souls? Can souls in Heaven or Purgatory know loved ones on earth? Prayer vs mantra? Alcoholism: disease or moral failure? Why altar stones with martyrs' relics? Charity vs love? Preach faith…

Red Mass • Burning heretics & cremation • Annulments • Catholic alcoholics • Christian rock?

Custom of "the Red Mass." The Holy Ghost, burning heretics, and cremation. Religious sisters making Mass responses? Marriage annulments, receiving the sacraments and "psychic anomaly." Adults lacking use of reason? Origin of Gehenna? Help for Catholic alcoholics? "Christian" rock, rap, metal? Praying for the souls of the dead.


Homeschooling, Idol-worship in Vatican, Hell-o-ween

On this episode of What Catholics Believe, Tom and Fr. Jenkins cover a wide range of topics:  • A follow-up discussion to last week’s show ‘Educating Catholic Children’ with a special focus on daily communion.    The horror of Halloween. • The Pachamama idols go for

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