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Are Heaven & Hell "places"? • Confessing venial sins • Francis calls for new global financial order

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Removing tattoos? Did Mary herself receive gifts of Holy Ghost at Pentecost? Are all venial sins forgiven in confession? Why the word "penance"? Are Heaven and Hell "places"? How do spirits come to earth from Heaven and Hell? The anguish of…

Canon Law & infallibility • Early Christians & the Mass? • Receiving doubtfully valid sacraments

Canon Law as secondary object of infallibility. Is there evidence of early Christians attending Mass as we know it? Is it ever permitted to  administer/receive doubtfully valid sacraments? From non-traditional priest? From schismatics? Asking non-Catholics to pray for you? America and the four sins that cry to Heaven for

From the Ascension to Pentecost, the Gifts of the Holy Ghost & Taylor Marshall running for president

From the Ascension to Pentecost: the Apostles on retreat. The Gifts of the Holy Ghost open our souls to grace. The love of the Father for the Son mirrored in Mary's own. Taylor Marshall's candidacy for president of the United States

This episode was streamed live on 5/23/23

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