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Are Heaven & Hell "places"? • Confessing venial sins • Francis calls for new global financial order

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Removing tattoos? Did Mary herself receive gifts of Holy Ghost at Pentecost? Are all venial sins forgiven in confession? Why the word "penance"? Are Heaven and Hell "places"? How do spirits come to earth from Heaven and Hell? The anguish of…

Constantine & the Roman Catholic Church • Mendez 1990 ordinations • Fr Ripperger & Taylor Marshall

Summer retreats and camps. Rome website. Indulgences, penances require praying aloud? Benefits of almsgiving. Prayers of a soul in mortal sin? Did Constantine begin the Roman Catholic Church? Fr Sanborn, Bishop Mendez and the 1990 ordinations. Fr Ripperger, Taylor Marshall and papal power to change Mass. Pray for SSPX…

New Notre Dame: Catholic Restoration or Modernist Reformation?

This episode of What Catholics Believe covers the following:  • The Notre Dame Cathedral Fire. What does it say about the condition of the Church today?  • Do the sins of calumny and detraction apply to Russiagate and the Mueller Report?  • Preview of upcoming episode

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