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Inflation devours families' food • Our Lady of Fatima • Francis offends, then promotes homosexuals

Rising cost of living: food prices exploding for families. Famine in Sacred Scripture, in history and in prophesy. Marrying in today's troubled world? Humbly accepting hardship while praying "deliver us from evil" and taking prudent precautions. God's grace to save us from materialism and complacency. Our Lady of Fatima…

Lent resolutions • Disciples or Apostles? • Questions about Hell • Patenting "intellectual property"

Recusant Catholics? Do Lenten resolutions involve sin? Partying during Lent? Disciples or Apostles? St Mark 13, 32: Does Christ not know the time of His Second Coming? Common cause with Lutherans? How can Satan be in Hell and in the Garden of Eden? How could Christ descend into Hell…

Usury and Socialism In America

This episode of What Catholics Believe is a discussion about usury & the modern banking system and how this differs from the free market capitalist system.  As Pius XI wrote, “No one can be at the same time a good Catholic and a true socialist.” (Quadragesimo Anno,

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