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Are Heaven & Hell "places"? • Confessing venial sins • Francis calls for new global financial order

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Removing tattoos? Did Mary herself receive gifts of Holy Ghost at Pentecost? Are all venial sins forgiven in confession? Why the word "penance"? Are Heaven and Hell "places"? How do spirits come to earth from Heaven and Hell? The anguish of…

+Bishop Kelly: Requiescat in pace! • Francis against climate change • The riches of Advent

+Bishop Kelly: Requiescat in pace! Francis: Religions of the world unite - to save the Earth! The Pontiff of Neopaganism demands "more feminine church." What follows Francis? The riches of Advent: "Make straight the way of the Lord!" Honor the Holy Family during Advent.

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Francis Wants World Police Force

In this edition of What Catholics Believe, Tom and Fr. Jenkins discuss the article, ‘Pope Francis calls for new ‘supranational’ authorities to enforce UN goals’. The dialogue explores how Francis as a modernist is inverting the teachings of the Church. Essentially Francis has set the church on

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