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Rome reflections • “Infinite Dignity” • Should Catholics vote for Trump? • Love for the truth

Rome reflections: from catacombs to basilicas. United Nations and the Vatican agree on "the Infinite Dignity" of all human persons. Modernists want to bury the Catholic Church as Pharisees wanted to bury Christ. Trump blasts pro-life Arizona: can a Catholic vote for him? Israel vs Iran: setting stage for…

Red Mass • Burning heretics & cremation • Annulments • Catholic alcoholics • Christian rock?

Custom of "the Red Mass." The Holy Ghost, burning heretics, and cremation. Religious sisters making Mass responses? Marriage annulments, receiving the sacraments and "psychic anomaly." Adults lacking use of reason? Origin of Gehenna? Help for Catholic alcoholics? "Christian" rock, rap, metal? Praying for the souls of the dead.


Francis betrays St. Peter


This episode of What Catholics Believe has Tom and Fr. Jenkins discuss and address:  • Francis’ latest antics, specifically giving relics of St. Peter to the Eastern Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople.  • Is it immoral for a Catholic to invest in stock and mutual funds? 

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