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Christmas Appeal • Tradition's "bloody death" • Viganò to open seminary? • More viewer questions

Immaculate Conception Christmas Appeal:

Prayer intentions and Christmas Appeal. Intrusive "Information panels" on WCB site. FBI still targeting Trad Catholics. NO bishop Wilton Gregory: Tradition's "bloody death." What is "neo-paganism" of Francis? Viganò to open seminary? I Cor 1: "Destroy wisdom"? Grandpa explains. Is The Rapture real? Need…

Viganò vs Schneider • Real hope for a real pope? • "Son of man” • Mythological creatures • Thanksgiving

Francis: Archbishop Viganò vs Bishop Schneider? Bergoglio: Modernist, gnostic, neopagan. Real hope for a real pope? The 2024 elections: Real hope for real president? Why did Jesus Christ always refer to Himself as "Son of man?" Belief in mythological creatures: Pope Pius XII and faeries? The blessings of Thanksgiving…

Defining "the Church" • Taylor Marshall & Viganò • Archbishop excommunications • Christ’s last words

What is "the Church?" Taylor Marshall's response to Archbishop Vigano about Francis? Difference between excommunications of Archbishops Lefebvre and Thuc? Did Lefebvre deny papal primacy? "Father, forgive them ...": did Christ forgive everybody, save everyone? How to gain All Souls Day plenary indulgence.

This episode was livestreamed on 10/31/2023

The on-going Revolution • Eric Sammons reacts to Viganò • The Single State

The on-going Revolution: Francis says Synod continues Vatican II's church of constant change. Eric Sammons reacting, but not responding, to Archbishop Viganò. Great Western Schism: A doubtful pope is no pope. The special calling to the single life: a true God-given vocation.

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Francis denounces true Catholic Faith • Michael Matt cancels Viganò • St. Theresa of the Child Jesus

Viganò's Speech:

Francis denounces true Catholic Faith as false "ideology" - prelude to persecution? Old Church must give way to new Synodal Church. Michael Matt cancels Archbishop Viganò talk  about Francis as "enemy of the Church," Vatican II as cancer. Wonderful sanctity of St. Theresa of the Child

Befriending the sinner • Can infants have faith to be saved? • Vivek Ramaswamy • Sinéad O'Connor

Danger in befriending a sinner: liking vs loving. Can infants have faith to be saved? Voting for a Hindu? Sinéad O'Connor a Thuc "priest"? Contradiction in Athanasian Creed? Francis' false "god of surprises."

This episode was livestreamed on 8/29/23

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