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IVF • "Artificial embryos" • St. Joseph's name in the Canon? • The "restored" rites of Holy Week

Caution: some topics may not be appropriate for children.

IVF-conceived embryos are human beings: Alabama State Supreme Court - a truly Catholic decision! Trump decries the ruling, Republicans move to negate it. Do "artificial embryos" have souls? Resisting an abortion? Irish vote firmly to protect family and motherhood in

Lies Abortionists Tell • Tales from the Crypt: Episode 1

This special edition of WCB was recorded on 11/15/2023.

Feeneyism, Pro-Life and the Death Penalty, & the Nine

(Recorded on 7 November 2013)

The Occult Role In The CovCath Fiasco


This episode of What Catholics Believe begins with a statement from Fr. Jenkins concerning the Covington Catholic Fiasco. Immediately following this Tom makes a special announcement about the new What Catholics Believe website.  Then proceeds the discussion on the Covington Catholic students being confronted by the Black Hebrew Israelites and

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