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Are Heaven & Hell "places"? • Confessing venial sins • Francis calls for new global financial order

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Removing tattoos? Did Mary herself receive gifts of Holy Ghost at Pentecost? Are all venial sins forgiven in confession? Why the word "penance"? Are Heaven and Hell "places"? How do spirits come to earth from Heaven and Hell? The anguish of…

Tenebrae & Holy Week • What is "holiness"? • Is everyone called to sanctity? • Is Christ King?

Tenebrae - The Office of "Darknesses".  The spirit of Holy Week expressed in its ancient ceremonies. The 1955 modernists' revised rites of Holy Week. When did Satan realize Christ defeated Him? What is "holiness"? Is everyone called to sanctity? Sanctity in married life? Controversy erupts among "conservatives" - Is…

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