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Salvation outside Christ’s Church? Impossible!

This episode of What Catholics Believe returns to Tom and Fr. Jenkins answering viewers questions:  • Can non-Catholics go to heaven, such as those who are not baptized and/or Protestants?  • What can a Catholic do for First Fridays and First Saturdays devotions when no Mass is

Planned Parenthood, Feeneyism, Islamic Terrorism

This episode of What Catholics Believe answers of multitude of questions:  • A follow-up question about a previous show, Vaccines--Good or Bad?, concerning abortion and vaccines.  • Why do you have the introduction to the show when it can be a turn-off to people in the

Martyrdom or Suicide? Resisting Evil! Dimonds in the Rough

In this episode of What Catholics Believe, Fr. Jenkins answers follow-up emails concerning previous shows including:  • How does one go about becoming a Catholic if one was raised in the Novus Ordo (specifically the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation)?  • Aren‘t martyrs such as the

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