What Catholics Believe

The Vigil at the Tomb — Adoration at the Tabernacle

     One of the most remarkable aspects of the death, burial and Resurrection of Our Lord is the fact that, while the human soul of Christ left His body at death upon the Cross, the Divine Person remained united to both the soul in its descent into hell and the body which lay in the sepulcher. It was that Divine Power which reunited the body and soul of Christ at the moment of the Resurrection. Thus, even when separated from one another, the Body and Blood of Christ were both perpetually in union with the Divine Nature. We associate the presence of the Divine Person with the soul of Christ, but less readily do we consider that the Divine Nature remained united also to the lifeless body lying in the darkness of the sealed tomb. The Resurrection instantly transformed the tomb into a tabernacle. Now, for us, the tabernacle on our altar is a portal to Heaven at which we are privileged to adore with the angels the living Person of the risen Son.