The Moronic Madness of Modernism

This episode of What Catholics Believe covers a lot of ground. Fr. Jenkins discusses: Francis changing the catechism’s teaching on the death penalty and how it relates to modernism; the recent truths that have come to light confirming rumors about Cardinal McCarrick and how his behavior is part of a larger plot to destroy the credibility of what the church was; thought control — whether it is promoted by socialists, communists, or the Novus Ordo, leads one down the path of the anti-Catholic New World Order (N.W.O.); Archbishop Fisichella’s recent statement concerning critics of Francis; (Prime Minister of Ireland) Leo Varadkar’s desire to meet with Francis and push same sex ‘marriages’; how members of the LGBT movement are the Brownshirts of the N.W.O.; and lastly, how all of these things collating together are a revolution against God’s intended order and Francis is the spiritual voice of this revolution.