The Attributes of God and the Fall of Lucifer

A viewer asks Father how, if Lucifers soul was perfect, did he succumb to pride and fall, and how did he convince a third of the angels to follow him. Father responds with a lengthy discussion of the nature of God, the angles and man. He explains how the nature of Lucifer and the angels is such that they are capable of failing in their will even though they knew everything they needed to know to see the consequences of their decision. This is also why they cannot repent of their choice, unlike us and our flawed understanding. Being composite creatures (composed of act and potency) they are capable of change and thus the choice they made, versus God who is pure act and cannot change. Tom gives an interesting insight into an aspect of American sign language and how the ideas of self-respect and self-esteem are expressed with the hands.
Other topics include a clarification, thanks to a viewer, on Putin, some follow-up from the Final Arrangements show, and the scandals occuring at a Novus Ordo school in Britain. If you would like to study further the philisophical points mentioned by Father Jenkins in this show, a good place to start would be Five Proofs of the Existence of God by Dr. Edward Feser.