What Catholics Believe

Remembering Father O'Connor

A return to email questions. Tom asks Fr. Jenkins the following: What is Opus Dei besides the brain trust of the Novus Ordo? (Fr. Jenkins asks listeners to send more information on the secretive group.) Who was Fr. John O’Connor and how is what he did any different from what the SSPX is doing today? What can the laity do to help exorcize Francis and the Novus Ordo church? Does the SSPV say the 1958 Mass or the pre-1955 Mass and why?
Stay tuned after the credits for a brief clip of Fr. John O’Connor, O. P. from an old episode of What Catholics Believe. For those interested on the programs he appeared a playlist has been created on the youtube channel. It can also be found by typing in this address: http://tiny.cc/FrOConnor