Modernism’s Legacy of Perversion

A special edition of What Catholics Believe about the recent revelations of Abp. Viganò. Fr. Jenkins reads a short monograph that was published this past Sunday, ‘People are asking:What Comes Next?’ which covers Francis reaction to Viganò’s letter and several possibilities of how this scandal will play out in the Novus Ordo church. Fr. Jenkins then adds additional commentary with quotations from current news articles. Next, excerpts and analysis of an interview from 1994 of Dr. William Coulson where he explains how he and Dr. Carl Rogers destroyed religious congregations with the use of psychotherapy. The viewer will hear many common themes which Francis uses in this interview including: “Who Am I to Judge?”; encounter; and humanistic psychotherapy. Lastly, it is shown how these sex scandals are a direct result of modernism as defined by Pius X in his encyclical ‘Pascendi dominici gregis’ and exalted at Vatican II.