What Catholics Believe

Letter to Local Police

The following is the text of a letter which Catholic Men for Christ the King of the Vexilla Regis Association sent out to all the police departments in the State of Ohio, asking them to stand fast against the developing tyranny now threatening our own nation and the entire world. As we witness more and more despotic politicians enlisting the enforcement powers of police as their agents to impose radical leftist agendas upon their people, we ask our own law enforcement officers to stand with and for God, family and country:

To the good men and women protecting our communities,  

We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude for your essential service. There is perhaps no job more thankless or more reviled in these cruel times. Yours is a work that requires the utmost quality in character and judgment, all the while constantly interacting with those of poor character and judgment. You must consistently rise above the crowd to be the most noble, and it is in this capacity that we commend and support your fine work. You are truly America’s Finest.

Sadly, many leaders of our society today do not fit this description. In fact, it is no stretch to say that many of our leaders are outright criminals—the very type of people from which your departments protect us. As these criminals, these agents of anarchy, seize more and more power, they will undoubtedly be emboldened to approach our beloved police departments and demand their cooperation in enforcing corrupt and criminal agendas. My dear friends, we cannot let this happen. 

We must stand up and resist these criminals. We must continue to rise above the situation and refuse to be bullied. We must assert that men are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,” and insist that those rights cannot be infringed upon—no matter the supposed authority behind the infringement. An unjust law is no law, and the truth always has rights. These are two infallible and immortal principles by which we must live our American lives. 

Such a resistance will require an almost superhuman amount of courage and fortitude, and it is this for which we pledge to pray. We, as Catholic Men for Christ the King, humbly ask Our Beloved Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to bless our law enforcement officers across the entire nation. We ask Him to guide and protect these good servants of justice and peace. We ask that He come to their assistance in repelling the evil forces which oppose the good principles upon which our country was founded. We ask Him to enlighten the minds of our law enforcement officers to know what is right and to strengthen their wills that they may do what is right. And finally we ask you, our beloved friends, to join us in this prayer. We will stand with you in times of trial, and we ask that you stand with us in times of need. May God bless you all.

Vexilla Regis Association — Catholic Men for Christ the King