Disfiguring the Catholic Church • (Pascendi #2)

In this special series of What Catholics Believe, Fr. Jenkins continues his discussion (sections #4 - #10) on the Papal encyclical, Pascendi dominici gregis ("Feeding the Lord's Flock"), promulgated by Pope Saint Pius X on 8 September 1907. This is the second video in a series on the encyclical examining the doctrines of the modernists. In this video, Father Jenkins discusses: the division of the encyclical; modernist teaching; agnosticism's philosophical foundation; vital immanence; and the consequences of the disfigurement of religion. He also discusses how the first thing destroyed by modernism is the intellect (which is how one knows God and the Truth); how modernism is a 'faith experience'; how science and history are limited by this; the role 'sentiment' plays; and how the modernist mind is worse than schizophrenic. All these things are the foundation of their beliefs and are a never ending process which ultimately will lead (if followed to their conclusion) to one world government, one world religion, and the anti-Christ.