Can This Really Be The Church?

On this episode of What Catholics Believe, Tom and Fr. Jenkins: discuss the report of the Pennsylvania grand jury concerning the amoral behavior in six Pennsylvania dioceses as well as the Society of St. John; comment on the new sacraments, new rites, new morals (or lack there of), and ask is this the behavior of the Catholic Church or the modernists & their Novus Ordo church?; ask why is the bishop of the diocese of Madison (Wisconsin) now speaking out?; examine Francis’ letter addressing the Pennsylvania scandals; explore the links between John Paul II, Obama, and Francis; analyze how Francis is not only destroying the concept of the papacy but also the priesthood; tackle the role of the Second Vatican Council’s ‘Dignitatis humanae’ (religious liberty) in all of this; and wrap-up with how ‘human dignity’ & homosexuality are connected.