A note concerning Francis’ March 25 consecration of humanity, Ukraine and Russia to the Immaculate Heart

     The words of Francis ask forgiveness for greed, nationalism, stockpiling weapons, opposing immigration, ravaging the earth, indifference to others—his favorite social gospel themes. Nowhere does he speak of the need for conversion to the one true faith and one true Church of the One True Son of the One True God. Nowhere does he mention Our Lady of Fatima and her warning against sins of blasphemy, sacrilege, idolatry and impurity, and the need for reparation for those sins. How could he demand conversion from such sins when he promotes giving adulterers “the Eucharist,” worshipping the pagan idol Pachamama, and insisting that God wills all the different religions of the world (including those that blaspheme Christ)? Is this not a further insult to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart and a provocation to Almighty God? We must rather pray as Catholics by rejecting sin, making reparation for offenses against Our Lord and His Blessed Mother, and consecrating ourselves to her Immaculate Heart.