What Catholics Believe

Traditional Catholics at Novus Ordo weddings? Goliath not slain by David?

In this video, Father Jenkins and Thomas Naegele discuss the rules for traditional Catholics attending Novus Ordo and non-Catholic wedding or funeral services; why certain invocations in the Divine Praises are omitted by traditional Catholic priests; how one can overcome an attachment to a particular sin; if Confession is required for the fulfillment of the Five First Saturday devotions; if it is licit to go to Confession to a validly-ordained Maronite priest; the modern-day notion of "Mindfulness;" whether the four temperaments share any similarity with Astrology; the merit of the Haydock and Confraternity Bible translations; and finally a question about Goliath being slain by David or Elhanan.

This video was livestreamed on 7/06/2021