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Pray for Fr. Pagliaran

     In a recent speech given on December 11, 2021, at the Angelus Press Conference, Fr. Davide Pagliarani, Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X, seems to equate the appeal to the right to one’s “bodily integrity” (to refuse taking a Covid vaccination) to the assertion “my body, my choice” (as justification for aborting a baby). [https://gloria.tv/share/fQEfKcnVSvA11bk48fRWKJjtD]. The SSPX has officially taken the position that one may morally take the Covid “vaccines” according to prudence. But the SSPX fails to take a stand regarding the vaccine mandates issued by governments, schools or employers. Fr. Pagliarani offers several reasons for this failure, but the final reason he gives is more than troubling; it is alarming: “And last reason ... why the Society steps aside is this anti-vaccine alliance. It is very heterogeneous, there are Catholics, or there are people without special political or religious creed. But there are people from the right side in this alliance against the vaccines, and mostly people from the extreme left — to use the political language, anarchist, the Green. Who are the Green? The Green are the people committed to safeguard of creation, of earth, the ecologists. This are the good left, the extreme left, they know what they are talking about. They have targets which are very, very clear....... This kind of parties are quite strong in Europe, they are against the vaccine. In the name of what? In the name of what? In the name of individual freedom, human dignity, human rights. In other terms, ‘with my body I do whatever I want.’ ‘With my life, I do whatever I want, so I decide if I take or not the vaccine.’ We find again the same slogans of the 60’s, of the 70’s, of a particular class of women. “With my belly I do whatever I want.” You see, we find again the same principles of the New Order started three hundred years ago in the name of human rights, human dignity. Let’s be careful.” ... Shall we enter into this debate? The Society of the Saint Pius X prefer to step aside. The Holy Ghost will not abandon us.”

The pressing and oppressing question confronting us all is this: Can governments, churches, school officials, and employers legitimately and morally mandate that people allow themselves to be injected with experimental genetic biological agents that have proven ineffective and, to some, dangerous? The fact that the SSPX sidesteps this most important moral question is troubling. It is downright alarming when the Superior General of the SSPX says that invoking one’s right to bodily integrity to refuse an experimental “vaccine” is morally equivalent to invoking the slogan “my body, my choice” to have an abortion. This is an assertion worthy of Francis himself. After all, is it not Francis who says that it is not moral to refuse Covid vaccination out of a sense of individualism and an appeal to personal rights. In fact, Francis, Resident Biden and Anthony Fauci are echoing each other in insisting that, in the case of Covid injections, personal rights must yield to society’s collective right to be “safe.”

There are those who would argue that the Covid “vaccine” mandates are a matter of medical and public policy, which exceed our competence and that we have no right to judge to such mandates. But abortion is also now a matter of medical and public policy — do we have no right to object to that? Are we not members of “the public” who have the perfect right to speak out on matters of public policy in the United States of America — or are they trying to silence us just as dictators silence all dissent in Communist countries? And do not these public policies involve closing churches and denying priests and families access to their sick and dying loved ones? These matters directly involve the Commandments of God. How dare anyone tell us we have no right or competence to assess and to object to these “public policies” mandated by pro-abortion politicians and their select medical experts at the behest of a corporate cabal!